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Attorneys have a wide range of needs for Access databases. We host and administrate a matter management Access & SQL Server database for Blake Horwitz Law in Chicago, Illinois. We've modified and supported a marketing database for Sands Anderson Marks and Miller. We've modified and supported an investor annual reporting and management database for Hirschler Fleishcher. We've added bolt on functionality to a matter tracking access database application for Allen, Allen, Allen and Allen, and we've been expert witnesses for McGuireWoods.

Here are some clients we have helped in the Attorney Firm industry:



Project Description

Horwitz, Richardson & Baker, LLC Chicago, IL We migrated the Access database for this attorney firm to MySQL. Horwitz was looking for expert MySQL developers and consultants to successfully upgrade their Access Database to MySQL and chose us.

The Blake Horwitz Law firm, as it is now called, is in Chicago, IL while the server we host for them is in California. We are headquartered in Richmond, Virgina. Yet we've enjoyed a long lasting support and maintenance and hosting agreement with Mr. Horwitz year after year. Remote support and hosting of the data works for all of us

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Call us if you'd like to move your Access database to the cloud so people on the internet may see and update your data. 804 928 4111

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Our Process

  1. Discovery Conversation
  2. Agree to scope of work
  3. Test plan creation
  4. Iterative database development with client input
  5. Database rough draft delivery
  6. Database final implementation
  7. Database user documents
  8. Database developer documents

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