Our Clients and Databases

These are just a few of the clients that have used our databases.
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Here are some clients we have helped in

Glave Firm, The

A NATIONALLY RECOGNIZED ARCHITECTURE, interior design, and planning firm, Glavé & Holmes Architecture was founded in 1965 in Richmond, Virginia. The firm of 60 architects, interior designers, historic preservationists, and supporting staff, maintains a diverse and integrated portfolio demonstrating expertise in numerous market areas, including Higher Education, Cultural, Civic, Hospitality, and Residential. Clients are provided with comprehensive services whether projects involve new buildings, additions to buildings, renovations, or adaptive reuse.

LOMC, LLC / PrimeLegal

LOMC LC / Prime Legal is a prepaid law firm. We built a web application to manage their referral network

Shaheen & Shaheen

Creating and modifying Access database for marketing purposes

Shaheen Law Group

Modifying existing Access database that performs document mangement for the firm.


Built a legal matter tracking database for this Fortune 500 company with headquarters in Richmond, VA but locations all across the nation including Orlando, FL

Dealer Auto Direct

Build Web application that managed inventory flow among multiple dealers

Nufarm Americas Inc.

NuFarm is a pesticide chemical manufacturer based in Australia. They're office in Raleigh North Carolina initially engaged us to build a web application to track Environmentl Protection Agency (EPA) forms. They have over 2,000 EPA forms on file with the US Government.

They desired people around the world to enter and query their application. So we built this database using PHP web pages and a SQL Server data file.

From their website: We know that growing is about more than just crops and cultivation. It's about sunshine and rain, early mornings and hard work. It can be frustratingly unpredictable, but also wonderfully uplifting. More than anything, it's about people.

Nufarm is the dependable partner behind thousands of agricultural success stories. Every day, growers around the world turn to our products and our people to help with the challenges of fighting disease, weeds and pests, and to increase crop yields.

B to B - DuPont

We were hired by BtoB, a SQL Server development and administration company to help their client: DuPont to provide administration support to their SQL Server Databases

The Chemical giant, DuPont, has a SQL Server farm that provides databases to the company's offices around the world.

We provided this service at the DuPont Chemical plant in Richmond, Virginia.

DuPont is a Fortune 500 Chemical Company headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware.

From their website: See what makes DuPont one of the most successful science and engineering companies in the world.

Values: Our core values govern our internal business practices and partnerships, and guide our innovations.

Leadership: Meet our Chair and CEO, board of directors, corporate executives, and regional and functional leaders.

E.I. DuPont - Nashville Payment Center

Delivery of MS Project file including timeline. Delivery of Proposal for completion of project. Delivery of Data Description and Application Navigation Excel File.

CSG Store

CSG Store is a Verizon Product Reseller. They were challenged with tracking 1000s of invoices against a series of multiple payments by their clients (various verticals in the chain). We converted their spreadsheet nightmare into an Access Database. They can now process a month's worth of invoices in literally 5 minutes whereas the process was previously taking 3 mandays. This is the type of efficiency you can receive by using Microsoft Access.

From the CSG Store website: CSG Store At Connected Solutions Group, we have a simple belief that every wireless hardware deployment has a sensible and significantly more affordable solution just waiting to be unearthed. With nearly a dozen years of experience directly inside the downstream trade of wireless technology, our ownership prides itself on problem-solving, cost-effective, and innovative ways to bring your hardware application to life.

Other Access Solutions for Communications clients:Expert Access Solutions for Communications

Modern Foundations

Modern Foundations builds commercial foundations

Radon Testing Labs

The Snead Company

The Snead Company provides windows to Commercial Construction General Contractors. We migrated their Access Database to MySQL. We host and support this MySQL Database

Progress Energy

We built a certification tracking Access database application for Progress Energy to keep help them stay in compliance. This application tracks employee certifications for nuclear power training and alerts them when certifications will expire.

We've worked on similar certification tracking applications for other clients like ClementPappas (food and beverage) and International Marine and Industrial Applicators (Military Subcontractor). The IMIA application is a PHP MySQL Application and more information may be found here: PHP and MySQL Development

From Wikipedia: Progress Energy, headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, is a subsidiary of Duke Energy and prior to its merger with Duke Energy was a Fortune 500 energy company with more than 21,000 megawatts of generation capacity and $9 billion in annual revenues. Progress Energy includes two major electric utilities that serve approximately 3.1 million customers in the Carolinas and Florida.

API Services

Internal Time and Expenses data input and reporting for managing a nationwide staff of consultants and projects, all in an Access Database. The back end of this database is in MySQL and housed on the Data Control servers. About API Services: We provide high value solutions to customers nation and worldwide. Our team of engineers and technicians are the best in the industry and continually provide the best customer service through commitment, knowledge and diversity. We offer a wide variety of other services such as: laser tracker rentals, machine tool calibration equipment, laser tracker calibrations and certifications for all tracker models. We proudly service the following industries: BIM, Aerospace, Marine, Shipbuilding, Energy, Automotive and Petro-chemical and many more!

Group Dynamics Entertainment

This Entertainment Company needed an Access Database developed for them as a back end to their Horse Racing Movie Product. We developed the Access Database and project managed the movie development that interacts with the Access Database.

Pepsi Bottling - Los Angeles

Trained Pepsi on an Access Database we built tracking plant efficiency. We worked in Los Angeles (Riverside plant) and also created a training manual for the plant.

PepsiCo Global Concentrate Solutions

In Atlanta, we are working with PepsiCo Global Concentrate Solutions to implement a Plant Picking database we built for Pepsi's Carlisle, PA plant. Pepsi Bottling approached us 20 years ago to build a Plant Efficiency tracking database that was rolled out nationwide. The other divisions within Pepsi then contacted and contracted us to build other professional Access database solutions.

Bear Technologies: Transformations

Forensic Research on a legacy MySQL Web application. Transformations provides healtcare to patients. When they need to look up old information on their patients, they rely on us. We host their legacy MySQL Database and run queries to provide needed information

Williamson Medical Center

Williamson Medical Center needed to modify their existing Access Database. They needed an Access Guru to understand the complex nature of a database previously designed by an expert. This database tracks janitorial supplies and projects across this huge hospital.

From their website: Williamson Medical Center Williamson Medical Center has been a pillar of our region for over 60 years, with an impressive tradition and commitment to not only providing exceptional healthcare services to hundreds of thousands of patients, but also an overall dedication to the wellbeing of our community.

We also build expert PHP and MySQL web application solutions for the manufacturing industry. More information here: PHP and MySQL web application solutions for the health care industry

If you need your Access database converted to a web solution, we can do this as well. For example: we have built an Overall Equipment Effectiveness Access Databases and similar efficiency tracking databases for Pepsi Bottling and Clement Pappas. We have converted these applications for general use and more information is available here: Overall Equipment Effectiveness for the manufacturing industry

Dominion Partners

Dominion Partners desired an Access Guru to build an access database to manage their investment banking back office operations. They contracted us for this Access Database project.

Bear Technologies: Tulelake Police Department

Partner to fix database for their Police Client: Tulelake Police Department, OR. We provided them with this quote:

1. Asp.net application that can be run from any computer using a web browser. this will be used on any and all PCs used by the department

2. 3 tables plus asp.net log in tables a. Crime Report (currently 130 +/- fields) b. Officers (currently 9 fields); add user name field from asp.net for correlation c. State Abbreviations (currently 1 field)

3. Forms for data input a. Log in to asp.net app b. New user to asp.net app c. Edit/Add officer to SQL database (there will be an association of New user to asp.net using user name from asp.net) d. Edit/Add State Abbreviations to SQL database e. Edit/Add Crime Report to SQL database

4. Reports a. Crime Report

5. Search feature on Crime Report form

6. Record navigation feature on Crime Report

7. Print Button on Crime Report

8. Sync Button on log in to asp.net for - requires password

9. Sync new records to SQL Server Express

10. Update modified records to SQL Server Express

Ryson Conveyor

We were subcontracted to Ryson through our network engineering strategic partner Network Technologies and Solutions (NTS). Ryson's Chief Operating officer had been slowly putting together and Access Database to replace a series of complex Excel files in order to manage the process of building conveyor belts. We took over the Access database, enforced naming conventions, developed easy to use navigation forms and maintenance tables. Now this conveyor manufacturer has a backbone database application that provides completion timeline information to the engineering departments, the manufacturing departments, the finance departments and the sales department. A calendar is created for everyone to see. Huge printouts showing all current projects and the people needed to sign off are printed out and put up throughout the facility. We hope to replace these with direct feeds to monitors.


ActivSupport contacted us to fix various SQL Server, and Sharepoint Databases for their clients in Charlottesville, VA.

Active Support needed an expert database consulting company to support their clients without having to worry about the end results. Keeping their client happy was most important to ActivSupport. By supplying professional database developers to ActivSupport and their clients, we kept both our partner and their client happy

Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing

CCAM contacted us to convert their Excel Spreadsheet into an Access Database. They needed expert Access programmers for this task. Their spreadsheet was calculating the SPI Index for ongoing projects. But not working due to the complex nature of the calculation. A database was necessary and Microsoft Access was the perfect solution for converting this spreadsheet to a database.


We also build expert PHP and MySQL web application solutions for the manufacturing industry. More information here: PHP and MySQL web application solutions for the manufacturing industry

We have also built Overall Equipment Effectiveness Access Databases and similar efficiency tracking databases for Pepsi Bottling and Clement Pappas. We have converted these applications for general use and more information is available here: Overall Equipment Effectiveness for the manufacturing industry

Tower Steel, Inc.

This Steel Manufacturer in Houston Texas needed a remote Access database programmer to build them an Access Database. They also host their data on our Servers.

At Home Care

AT Home Health and Hospice Care is an established, full-service home health agency and hospice that provides a superior quality of services in a caring manner. We built a web application to manage their Doctor sign off process

API Services

Precision measurement and tool calibration for manufacturing clients, we built (and Host) a MySQL database for API Sensor that tracks associates timesheets and expenses for management reporting and reimbursement/payroll. This is a backoffice application that runs the expense side of a company with geographically dispersed employees. They track their billable time and expenses, assigning both to projects/clients.


Ensafe is an Environmental Engineering firm that was consulting to Camp Peary. They subcontracted us to build a web application/SQL Server database for their Department of Defense client that provides CIA training in Williamsburg, VA. This database tracks the hazardous materials brought onto the military base, the current inventory levels of those hazardous materials, and the disposal of the hazardous materials. The database produces the annual reports required by the Environmental Protection Agency including Form R and Tier I and Tier II reports.

Maisonettes Apartments

Maisonnettes Apartments runs an apartment complex and a trailer park. We upgraded their previous DOS based monthly rent collection application into an Access Database. Now all functionality of tracking tenants monthly rent is handled in Access. This database also provide the lease agreements and tracks historical tenants (tenants that have previously lived at the property)

Sequoia Tax Relief

Sequoia Tax Relief is a collections agency in Denver, Colorado that specializes in Government Tax collections. They contacted us to modify their Access Databases

GUSA Soccer

GUSA Soccer is a Soccer league in Goochland, Virginia. We built a website to manage their player registations

Apex Systems, Inc.

Build SQL Server database for staffing company

Pack & Ride

Pack and Ride provided portable box solutions to both house and transport belongings. We built a web application to manage logistics of container delivery to Pack and Ride's clients

Our Clients Include:

  • The Army, Defense Supply Center, Chesterfield (Richmond) Virginia - Warehouse Inventory Application subcontracted through Goodwill Industries as a prime vendor
    The Army, Defense Supply Center, Chesterfield (Richmond) Virginia - Warehouse Inventory Application subcontracted through Goodwill Industries as a prime vendor
  • Virginia Commonwealth University, Medical College of Virginia, Richmond Virginia - Mortality Statistic tracking for the hospital using an Access database
    Virginia Commonwealth University, Medical College of Virginia, Richmond Virginia - Mortality Statistic tracking for the hospital using an Access database